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Green Lawn provides a comprehensive variety of services designed to transform the appearance and health of your lawn and landscape — along with great advice on helping you keep it that way!  Our services include:

  • Fertilizing \ Weed Control

  • Surface Insects

  • Aeration

  • Power and Hydro Seeding

  • Bare Ground Growth Control

  • Mosquito Control

Receive a Free Mosquito application when you purchase a (6) application or greater Prepayment lawn service package.


Green Lawn keeps your lawn looking its best by using trained licensed professionals to apply the best fertilizers at the right time.  We rely on granular fertilizers to do most of the work, but also employ liquid fertilizers when appropriate.  Slow release products are a great way to keep your lawn looking greener longer. 

Our system of fertilizing insures that your lawn is getting what it needs at the right time. We use fertilizers that are designed for the home and commercial turf — the same products used on some of the best golf courses in the world. Whether we are doing fertilizing or weed control you can expect the best results.

Weed Control

We provide weed control from a professional team of knowledgeable applicators.  If you have seen these weeds in your yard, no worries!  We have the knowledge and golf course quality products to eliminate these weeds and prevent them from returning.  Special applications are available for hard to kill weeds.  Green Lawn is ready to turn your yard into a lawn. Let us do the work!

Surface Insect Control

Rigorous insect control keeps damaging pests from destroying your lawn and protects your pets and family. Green Lawn offers a complete range of insect control, including grub, flea, tick and mosquito applications.  Let us take a look.  Our job is to make your lawn healthy and green.


Seeding can be a fresh start to turn weather-stressed and bare yards into green lush lawns.  Green Lawn offers many seeding options to transform your existing yard into a beautiful lawn.  Power seeding and hydro seeding are effective ways to create the lawn of your dreams.  Green Lawn has been creating lawns for over 25 years. Every seeding is done with attention to detail that our competitors overlook. We don’t seed yards…we create lawns.  There is a difference.

Power Seeding is the best way to establish new grass in an existing lawn or one that has been renovated.  Power seeding cuts slits in the top layer of turf and implants the seed, creating the soil to seed contact that is the key to a successful lawn.  The results are quicker germination and a thicker lawn: power seeding germination rates of 80% – 90% are far higher than broadcast seeding.  Green Lawn has been creating lawns using this method for over 25 years and has refined it to a science.

Hydro Seeding is used primarily on bare dirt, making it a great option for new construction or exposed dirt.  Hillsides and erosion control are no problem; with our special tackifier, we can guarantee no wash out.  Hydro seed mixture consists of hydro mulch, seed, tackifier and fertilizer to create a slurry. This mixture is then pumped through a hose and sprayed on the topsoil that has been prepared.  We are one of only a few in the Kentuckiana area that can hydro seed as well as power seed your lawn. We take great care in creating the lawn of your dreams.

  • Cheaper than sodding
  • No straw with weed seeds
  • Quicker germination
  • Erosion control
  • Neat appearance

Lawn Renovation is the right choice when you want or need to start all over.  This 4-step process is the proven way to install a great looking healthy new lawn.  Green Lawn has been renovating lawns for 25 years with a proven system for success.

  • Up to 3 applications to kill existing lawn.
  • Core aerate.
  • Power seed in two directions. Hand seed and use smaller machine for all edges and obstacles.
  • Apply starter fertilizer.
After Seeding
After Germination

When you use great equipment along with knowledgeable people you get great results.  Green Lawn is the area’s leader in power seeding/aeration. We maintain our cutting blades to make sure we get the right depth every time.  Seeding to most lawn care companies is an afterthought, and most equipment rental companies keep blades on their seeders even when they barely touch the ground. We maintain our seeding equipment to do the job right every time.

Lawn Revitalization is a great option for getting your existing lawn thicker and greener without undo damage to it. For lawns that might be thin or thinning but don’t  meet the standards for Power Seeding.  This 3-step process is a great way to maintain a lawn that needs a little help.

  • Core Aerate
  • Broadcast Premium Seed
  • Apply Starter Fertilizer


Aeration is an important part of keeping your lawn healthy and green. Green Lawn uses core aeration equipment because it’s the most effective way to break up compacted soil.  This allows nutrients and fertilizer to the root system.  That makes a greener and healthier lawn.

Aeration is always recommended with power seeding.  Aeration helps with soil to seed contact; this increases the germination rate up to 10%.  Aeration is an important service that keeps your lawn healthy. We recommend that you core aerate once a year!

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Weed Control Program

Our applications for landscape beds dramatically cut down on weeds and grasses.  We apply both pre- and post-emergent controls to landscape beds to drastically cut down on the amount of weeding so you can enjoy your time and also enjoy a weed-free landscape.  For the best results and seasonal effectiveness, this service is recommended three (3) times a year.

  • Application #1: February-April 
  • Application #2: May-July
  • Application #3: August-October

Landscape Plant Maintenance

Landscape plants, unlike lawns, mature more slowly.  Insect or fungal damage as well as lack of nutrients can sometimes take a growing season or more to correct. For this reason, it is best to treat landscape plants proactively to ensure that they will grow to their full potential.  We provide an annual tree and shrub care plan to help your landscape plants thrive at your home.

  • Application #1:  Dormant oil for insects
  • Application #2:  Granular or deep root fertilizer
  • Application #3:  Spray targeted insects
  • Application #4:  Spray targeted insects
  • Application #5:  Granular or deep root fertilizer

Green Lawn applies fungicide applications also:

  • Applied if there is a history of infection of susceptible plants. (Preventative) 
  • Applied if there is an present infection.

Mosquito Control

Every one has heard the major Diseases that Mosquito’s can bring. Zika and West Nile to name a few. With Green Lawn’s applications your health and well being will greatly be protected.  The results are simply amazing.

Worrying about biting mosquitoes in your yard? Green Lawn will come out to your home for 6 monthly treatments. May through October, we’ll apply a barrier spray around your home, landscape and lawn so you don’t have to worry about your kids in the pool or out in the yard. Your family and friends as well as yourself can enjoy your yard and deck for dinners and relaxation.

Have an event planned or party? We will make sure your party, barbecue, wedding, reunion or any other outdoor event is mosquito free.